Faberry hate. 

If Faberry was canon (i.e Quinn was in love with Rachel), the viewers would have been told by now. Either there would have been a scene where Quinn was telling Santana, or someone else. Or maybe a scene where she’s writing in a diary or something. Perhaps she’d even have told Rachel. I don’t know. But we’d have had something. But all the Faberry shippers base this apparently canon ship on is subtext. IT’S BEEN THREE SEASONS! WE’D HAVE HAD MORE THAN JUST SUBTEXT IF IT WAS CANON. BUT WE HAVEN’T. BECAUSE IT ISN’T. QUINN’S HAD A FUCKING BABY WITH PUCK SHE SAID SHE LOVED HIM AND FUCKING KISSED HIM, BUT OH NO THAT’S A FRIENDSHIP SCENE BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY ONE OF THOSE SCENES WERE SHE WAS INSULTING RACHEL OR SLAPPING HER IN THE FACE WAS WHERE THE TRUE LOVE WAS. FUCK HAVING A BABY WITH SOMEONE. TRUE LOVE IS PHYSICAL VIOLENCE. 

Ship it if you want, but understand that it is not canon. Quinn loves Puck. Rachel loves Finn. That is what’s canon. 

Note: I’m not a Finchel shipper. I am just not delusional. 

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