I can hold it in no longer.

First things first, ship Faberry if you really want. I don’t care. But do not try to convince me or anyone else that this is a cannon ship. There are people out there who genuinely think that these two are secretly in love and will one day end up together. I see no sense in this.

1. Quinn is Rachel’s bully. She has been for years, and it doesn’t matter that she’s stopped now, that does not create the foundation for a healthy relationship. 

2. Quinn has used physical violence against Rachel. This even more emphasises my ‘not a healthy relationship’ point. Let’s say they get together. What’s going to happen when Quinn really loses it with her again? Is she going to slap her? Oh, but that’ll be okay won’t it, because they’re both girls, which makes violence fine. 

3. Rachel is with Finn. No matter how much people don’t like it, she is clearly very devoted to him, to the point she was willing to reconsider her future plans, not give them up, she never once said that, but reconsider. 

4. Quinn and Puck, it’s always been there. 

5. They have absolutely no chemistry. Just none. 

6. Apparently, Rachel saying ‘I can’t stop thinking about Quinn’ means she is in love with her. Her friend had just been in a near fatal car accident that she blamed herself for. Fuck, even if they were still sworn enemies, of course she was going to be thinking about her. 

7. ‘Gayberry’ was a reference to both Kurt and Rachel as one collective person. Rachel is not in the closet. 

8. ‘Stop making out with Berry’ was just Santana being Santana. We saw the entire scene, they were clearly not making out. 

9. They have completely different interests and want different things out of life. Rachel wants to run away to New York and live out the big dream, whereas Quinn will be happy to settle down in Lima and do the family things. A reason, may I point out, that most Faberry shippers hate Finchel. You cannot hate on one ship because of one issue and support another that clearly has the same problem. 

Also, I would like to mention while I am here, the people that think Rachel has treated Quinn worse than Quinn has treated her. Yes, there was Finn, but Rachel genuinely had feelings for him, she could see him and Quinn were awful for each other and it was blatantly a relationship only there because it was what was expected. Maybe she shouldn’t have done it anyway, because Finn was with someone else, but excuse her for not being that fussed about the feelings of a girl who had bullied her for years. Can’t say I’d be too worried myself. And also, on several occasions, Rachel has been prepared to put aside their differences and help Quinn out. Except for in the recent developments of season 3, Quinn has never before done this for Rachel. 

I myself am a Pezberry shipper, so it has nothing to do with hating a ship because it isn’t cannon, or because they are both girls. I can accept Pezberry because at least Santana has apologised. I can ship it, because they have clashing personalities that would lead to adorable protectiveness from Santana and endearing bossiness from Rachel. And I am also not deluded enough to believe my ship is in any way cannon. I know it’s just a fandom thing and I deal with it. 

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